unable to label my style with any singular word (be it traditional, contemporary, or modern), i consider myself capricious: whimsical and transitional.

i have shared some of my favorite photos and designers/bloggers that i always look back on and constantly feel inspired by.

i feel like it is only right to begin with Charles Spada. one of the great masters of interior design (and lucky me, my boss!). the neutral fabrics and gilt details are signature to his style. he is an inspiration with a style that is so precise and well-calculated that you need to be truly talented to replicate his aesthetic.

Heather Clawson, otherwise known as Habitually Chic, is the first design blogger i followed to a tee. i check her blog religiously.

Rachel Halvorson’s blog, Nest Egg, is another favorite of mine and she hits a personal note with me. not only did her husband just graduate from vanderbilt business school (i just graduated from vanderbilt undergrad this past May), but she lives and designs in nashville and the above photo is from ronnie dunn’s house outside of nashville that she designed. i could not be more jealous. he is my ideal client and i would love to move back to nashville in the future.

i want to end my first post with this beautiful town home. i grew up in the city and despite falling in love with tennessee, i will always be a city girl and live for pretentious exteriors, even if the house is modest in size. the entryway is always the  place to put your best foot forward.


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