Black and White

If Charles Spada has taught me anything, it is that white can be the most powerful color in a room. These few images show the power of what white can do to a room and how a small punch of color can create a huge statement.

i am in love with this look.  i love the grey and white striped walls, all white chair, graffiti-like foot stool and stack of coffee table books.

Samantha Pynn is one of my new favorite designers. she is such a versatile designer while always remaining fresh and youthful. she can be elegant, upbeat, modern, classic, or a little bit of everything rolled up in one room.

Designers and their clients are often afraid to design in white because it can be so easily stained. But what is a greater cure for a stain on white than bleach?? I dare every designer to try to design an all-white room at some point. It can say a lot about a designers style and talent by their ability to choose fabrics and furniture based only on their shape and texture.


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