Fall Wardrobe

As much as I love summer weather, I love fall clothes. Now that I’m working full-time and not just throwing on spandex and a big t-shirt to go to class, I’ve been editing my closet and adding more items that will carry my work wardrobe through the seasons.
Ellery Hannah Blazer and matching suit pants are to die for and so dramatic. 100% silk insists that this suit is a classic as well as classically made. While the suit combo may be too much at my age, the blazer is right on target for my fall blazer desire.
Milly can do it all. And their Sidney 3/4 Sleeve Bow Dress proves it. A dressed up sweater dress for fall as well as a formal enough outfit for a nice dinner. While white may be out, ivory can be worn throughout the cold weather.
I am just dying for a pair of Frye Campus 14L boots. They’re industrial looking and tough, yet look so slick with tucked-in skinny jeans. They are sturdy and will last a lifetime, which makes up for their price tag.
 A clutch that also has a strap option is my kind of bag. The Westward Sude Ingenue Clutch has my favorite ostrich leather with a small button enclosure and a long enough strap to carry over your shoulder. Not to mention how adorable the interior of the bag is (sometimes almost as important as the exterior). And the biggest selling point of all, it is a limited edition Kate Spade design.

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