Shabby’s Chicness

At first I was going to write about creative closet spaces, but then as I began to explore the blog where the below photo originated from, I decided to immediately change the direction of my post as this woman’s taste is breathtaking.

I found this photo through the blog, Simply Me. This is one talented woman. She designs with Shabby Chic (I believe from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic line) and her design aesthetic is jaw-dropping. It especially takes my breath away and makes me smile through the use of antique furniture.

I love this antique piece that serves as a TV console in this space

Her clothes are to die for. These photos make me want to throw out everything and start completely fresh, just as her style is.

The texture on this wall is amazing. I love nothing more than simplistic colors where the texture of the object really stands out. and a wall is the perfect place to start.

Even her outdoor bed is shabby-approved

Degas is another huge inspiration of mine so the fact that she has sketches of his famous ballerinas makes me appreciate her style even more.

The blogger/designer/home-maker herself. She is beautiful, classy, and talented. I would love to find out more about her and will continue to follow her blog, Simply Me.

People like this woman are the reason I went into interior design. I am passionate about making interiors more beautiful for the person or people living in them and this woman proves that it doesn’t take a large budget to make a room your own.


3 responses to “Shabby’s Chicness

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