King for the day

I have always had an affinity for touches of gold. I think I’ve picked it up more than ever after working with Charles for what is now 4 months. I have more recently become obsessed with everything gold crown-related.

Starting with the gold crown bowl (my brother called it a cigarette dish) and gold crown wine cork i found at saks off 5th. once i get around to painting my bedroom from lime green (yikes) to a soft gray (another charles spada influence), and swapping out the lime green, hot pink, blue and white striped curtains (double yikes) and hot pink, lime green, yellow, and blue shades (triple yikes) for sheer white curtains, it will be the stand-out piece in my room.

This little pup with his gold crown makes me not only want a puppy but want this photo blown up and hung in my kitchen.

what a genius idea this one is. the little boy gets to be king for the moment, as well as make for an extraordinarily adorable photograph that will keep forever. this photo shows that you don’t need a real gold crown to put a smile on your face or make you feel special. a chalk one will do just fine.


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