Kips Bay 2011: An Insiders Look

While my sewing machine awaits fixing, let me appease your senses with these detail images from this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

While the furniture is now gone, the owners were lucky enough to have much of the wall upholstery and interior structure left behind for their personal enjoyment (and mine).

Silver wallpaper with soft details, dramatic dark turquoise paneling and a metallic ceiling.

Brick-like silver wallpaper, dramatic black doors with a pearl finish.

Upholstered walls lead this hallway into a dramatic stairway.

This ikat upholstery makes quite the statement. Especially when matched with the yellow paint.

The Jetson’s laundry room.

One of my favorite rooms. Statement-making upholstered walls go great with the antique wood paneling.

Contemporary bathroom with a new way of aligning tiles.

Textured copper walls.

One of my favorite elements that was left behind… very lux.

Quite the statement-making bathroom. Don’t forget to let your eyes drift to the corseted cabinets.

While this wallpaper is hand painted and specially done for the owner of the home, these curtains were a nice addition.

The garden is nuts… there is an area where you can practice yoga and the life-size mirrors really open up the space. Very lucky for New York City.

The formal entryway. Upholstered in Lipstick Red Shagreen.


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