ABC Carpet NYC

I was in for such a treat this weekend. New York City has always been very overwhelming for me and while I have spent my entire life visiting family and friends there, I never quite fell in love with the excitement of the city like many do. However, this past weekend opened my eyes and made me realize that despite its hecticness, NYC has so much to offer and can truly educate a person just by walking around the city and taking everything in.

My great friend took me to ABC Carpet, knowing how much I would love it. And love it I did…

The prices on some items were affordable enough for 22-year-olds like us and this pillow was one of the first items that caught our eyes.

We turned these power bracelets into BFF bracelets. I wanted to buy something to remember my wonderful experience at ABC Carpet and while I wasn’t looking to drop major dollars on an eye-dropping side table I drooled over, this $12 bracelet was the perfect token.

Who couldn’t use some more positive energy, joy, good health and love in their life?

One of the cutest sections. Bottles with labels such as “Pearls of Wisdom” and “Giggledust” would make great collector items. This section’s style reminded me of Simply Me.

Beautiful mirrored furniture.

Two words, one name: John. Robshaw.

Drool-worthy. See more here.

Perfect shape and size and eco-friendly.

Breakfast for two?

I’ll take a set.

Now that I have embraced NYC for what it is and what it has to offer, I will most definitely be returning to ABC Carpet and to visit my friend more often.


One response to “ABC Carpet NYC

  1. i will definitely be making a stop at abc carpet the next time i’m in ny. so jealous.

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