I spent a glorious four months in Siena, Italy my junior fall (2 years ago now). Siena and Europe changed my life that semester. I look at the world differently now and while I was ready to return to America and English speaking people, I left a bit of my heart in Europe and dream about the day I will return…  It is such a captivating country with so much rich history.

The last building built in Siena was in 1555 when Cosimo de Medici conquered Siena and Siena lost its independence and its art. Everything else besides the fortezza, which was built to control the people of Siena, remains the exact same.

Florence at night

The fountain and lawn by my apartment in Siena

Hiking Cinque Terre is a must-do.

Where my addiction to coffee began… how could I resist when it comes like this?

Cave Canem at Pompeii.

The best purchase I made that semester… Italia socks

Our gold man. He made his celebrity debut in Letters to Juliet which was filmed in Siena the summer before we arrived.

Stunning architecture around every bend

The tea room. Our warm haven and secret find.


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