Current Obsessions

when I get obsessed, i get obsessed. and until i find something new to obsess about, it’s all i can think about.

obsession #1: all things yoga. I try to make it to yoga twice a week, but sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. Sometimes I need a few hours after to work to just relax and rejuvenate, and then I am ready for some much needed meditation. Bethenny Frankel‘s Body by Bethenny yoga DVD allows me to slip in her DVD at 10pm, long after my yoga class has passed, and get the same workout in as I would have at a yoga studio. And for only $12 for the DVD, you’re saving a nice amount of money. I recommend putting that saved money toward my second obsession.

obsession #2: Lululemon. Nothing suits my yoga classes or my weekends better than lounging in my lulus. They make you feel fit even when you haven’t actually broken a sweat. And their motivational and reusable shopping bags are that extra little thing to let you know you made the right choice.

obsession #3: frozen chocolate chips. My current stock is Ghirardelli  60% cacoa bittersweet chips. they’re the perfect amount of crunch and because i’m prone to finding melted chocolate on various parts of my clothing throughout the day, the frozen variety prevents embarrassing mishaps.


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