Mom’s Dumplings

Nothing’s better than a home cooked meal. And when your mother passes down recipes her mother taught her, the taste is that much better.

dumpings pre-cooked

enjoy fried

or steamed

Ingredients: 1 package of dumpling wrappers  | ½ lb ground pork (or ground chicken) | 1 bunch of chives or Chinese baby bok choy or napa cabbage (wash well and spin dry) | 1 pkg of bean thread (rice vermicelli) – soak in boiled water until soft, drain | 3 stalks of green scallion | 1 tbsp minced garlic  | 1 tbsp minced ginger | Egg white from 1 egg

Instructions: Dice vegetable and bean thread | Mix with ground meat | Add other ingredients and mix well | Boil water in stock pot | Use small bowl of water to seal wrappers | Wrap dumplings and put on wax paper lined sheet pan | Make sure seams are tight and there are no openings | Put dumplings in boiling water until water boils again | If not pan frying, add a cup of water until water boils again (Do not overcook) | If pan frying, heat large skillet coated with light layer of oil (Do not burn oil!) | Place dumplings with seam side up in fan shape on pan | Fry on medium heat for a few minutes | Then put ½ cup water in pan and cover with lid (this steams the dumplings so that the meat can cook through thoroughly) | Make a sauce of soy sauce and vinegar | Add fresh ginger slivers if desired (highly recommended as they add crunch and are good for you!).


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