There are billions of bloggers out there. I have a set of five blogs that I check every day and I don’t often budge from those few bloggers. However, when I stumble across an interesting blog that captures my attention while searching for something on the internet, I get excited about finding new inspiration.

Enter Belladwella. I found her post on making over a chest on Curbly. I was searching for images of geode book ends for this post, and found hers. I followed her link to her blog site and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. She is funny, has a multiple-subject blog like mine, has an awesome heading, and is a pleasure to read.

Everything about her blog is entertaining:

This post is great because she teaches you how to make your own dresser for cheap, yet she makes you laugh by adding things like, “I didn’t prime it, or sand it because I’m lazy.”

She took inspiration from this:

And made this!:

Her blog is such a treat to read and I always look forward to her new posts.


One response to “Belladwella

  1. just found this. You are so sweet!! and I am going to stalk you on pinterest. xo

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