First Apartment Necessities: The Bedroom

This is the first segment of my First Apartment Necessities. As a young adult, I know what it’s like to live on a budget but still want your first home to look nice. Follow along as I do first apartment necessities for the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom– all featuring different chain stores that are accessible to everyone online. Get inspiration and find less expensive options or fall in love and click on the link and order online. Whatever you do, I hope these guides help you with your apartment decorating!

Starting with the bedroom: Serena & Lily has long been a favorite of mine. From their soft and colorfully patterned bedding to their innovative and unique accessories, I am constantly inspired and impressed by the new products they offer. Decorating your first apartment is never easy. You want products that can travel with you when you switch apartments. The print on these sheets is youthful yet sophisticated. The Duvet is delicately simplistic, allowing for the accessories to take center stage. The tribal Basket Storage reminds me of the traveling I’ve done and the traveling I look forward to doing. You can never have too many Frames and the pattern on this one is unique and special. I cannot resist a Chevron Rug and this one is subtle enough to not distract your eye. The Lamp is adventurous yet refined and the tin Boxes have a sense of history to them. Finish your room off with this Beach Print and you’ll be able to survive those winters a little more easily.


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