Dering Hall: Codor Design

Recently launched website, Dering Hall, features interior designers and architects design work and products designed or represented by them. It is a great opportunity to get to better know a designer’s aesthetic and personality. I have a lot of jaw dropping moments when it comes to design, but Tamara Codor’s furniture line took my breath away.

Cast Glass Side Table

Floating Drawer Side Table

Single Cast Glass Side Table (hand not included)

Hanging Bookcase

Concentric Coffee Table

Floating Dresser

Tamara’s furniture applications:

The Hanging Bookcase

The Single Side Table

Codor Design’s profile on Dering Hall:

Codor Design is a unique company inspired by the intersection of art and design. Drawing on her background in the fine arts, Tamara Codor approaches furniture, interiors, and accessory design as a chance to create functional sculpture and living art. Codor Design is committed to using environmentally friendly material and aims to marry the eco-ethic with luxury design. Codor Design’s Furniture Line showcases their innate ability to mix classic forms with a modern sensibility. Sleek lines meet gold toned finishes and hearty reclaimed wood in a glamorous twist on traditional style. Curved brass supports regal fir wood seats while lustrous metal frames accentuate the natural beauty of textured wooden drawers.

[Personal Note]: If I ever have a furniture line, I have a list of names in my phone I’m dying to use and since I’m not planning on having 20 kids and not everyone is on board with me naming my first born Tennessee, I may have to resort to naming my furniture after the castaways).


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