First Apartment Necessities: The Kitchen

This is the final segment of the First Apartment Necessities posts. I am a strong believer in white kitchens. They not only encourage you to clean more since white shows everything, but when the kitchen is clean, it FEELS clean. In order to save space in your first apartment, I recommend this  dining table which acts as a place to eat all of your meals as well as keep extra storage such as dinnerware and mugs. This barstool fits sleekly into the scene and the bar cart will be that extra kitchen accessory that will impress your guests. Keeping with the white theme, this bookcase will blend in with the decor but you can spice it up and add personality to your kitchen by filling the shelves with mementos and personal belongings your guests can look at when over. The glass creamer  has always been a favorite of mine since it is so unique and having games on your table is never a bad idea for when dinner preparation takes a bit longer than expected.


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