Current Obsession: 9 by Design

Sixx Design

I have a new obsession: 9 by Design. Not only does this designing duo build  architecturally fascinating homes out of nothing as well as decorate the interiors with unique and personal finds, but they have 7 beautiful kids with crazy names like Major, Hollander, and Breaker (making my favorite name, Tennessee, not look so bad). But what makes this design team so unique is that they can find an opportunity in an old gun shop or in an empty parking lot and build six stories up with spectacular views in order to make a home for nine people in Manhattan, one of the hardest cities in which to find a decent amount of property.

While I’m a little late in the viewing, seeing as the premiere aired April, 2010, I couldn’t help but share this series as it is incredibly fun to watch and the designs they come up with are jaw droppingly exciting. Season 1 is available on iTunes.


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