All Because of a Lamp

Everyone can appreciate a steal. And everyone can appreciate beautiful objets. I lucked out on both with the lamp above. I found this lamp on a display in Marshalls and I grabbed it and wouldn’t let go. While I had stopped into Marshalls to kill some time before yoga, I ended up running home, lamp in hand, beaming from ear to ear with my new prize. The lamp inspired me to finally get my act together and nest. I am going to paint my walls and make my bedroom a room I can be proud of and that truly represents me and my aesthetic (not the 4 year old girl who lived there before me).

Another killer item I saw at Marshalls.

benjamin moore paint colors i’m considering. i’m going for a calming vibe. whites and pale blues/greys

white curtains to offset the blue grey walls

i’ve got a great white painted iron bed, a white parsons desk, white bedside tables, a sand-colored carpet, and these adorable white sunflower curtain drawbacks. Because I don’t need much, just the time to paint, I have no excuse not to continue with this project. but unlike my “to be continued clutch” (my sewing machine is still broken …), this is a project I am going to complete within a reasonable timeline. you all can be my witnesses and my encouragers.


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