Bunny Williams

I was surprised when I read that this room above was by the famed Bunny Williams. I already liked the room and reading that it was Bunny’s made me like it even more. Bunny Williams is known for her more traditional interiors — sweet and comforting, elegant and warm. Despite being in the industry for decades, Bunny still has it in her to surprise and wow her audience. And her shop, Treillage, has great accessories and tables.

A much more traditional interior by Bunny- Kips Bay Showhouse 1998

Tropical Escape

Tropical Escape

Beeline Home

Spiral Umbrella Stand

Tote Waste Bin

Olympia Étagère

Twigs Mirror

Silver Hourglass Table

Silver Guilt Coffee Table


2 responses to “Bunny Williams

  1. Great post. Just one thing, why is the Olympia Étagère “infamous?”

    Is it perhaps because it’s a blatant copy of one in Albert Hadley’s private collection?

    Since when has the word “inspired” replaced copied?

    • Hi Jonathan. Infamous is actually the incorrect word. I should have used renowned. I wasn’t aware of Albert Hadley’s etagere collection but I just read that Bunny’s etagere is inspired by his. I think that these days most things are inspired by something else, as it is hard to be original after all of the amazing work that has passed before us. As long as we give credit where credit is due, I think being inspired is one of the luckiest things a person can feel.

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