Toledo Museum of Art

Ebony, tortoiseshell, ivory, floral mixed woods, and gilded bronze cabinet on a stand, 1690, the Netherlands

While in Toledo, Ohio this past weekend, I made my first visit to the Toledo Museum of Art. While Toledo is small, this museum is definitely something the town can be proud of. With a new eye for antiques, I chose to forgo the guided tour and guide myself around to see what the museum had to offer.

Walnut and ebony cupboard, 1600-50, Southern Netherlands

English Hall Chairs similar to those in our showroom

Chairs from the Chateau de Chenailles, France

Pagoda Clock

Ivory with copper mounts box with romance scenes, 1350, Northern France or Flanders

Giovanni Caccini, Baltasar Suares and Maria Martelli, 1590-1600, Marble, Italy

Coral skull rosary

ceiling detail

Reproduction arches from the 10th, 11th, and 12th centuries

Monet, Water Lilies,  1922-25, France

Signac, Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice, 1905, France (my personal favorite)


One response to “Toledo Museum of Art

  1. Was just there over the weekend. I loved how the Pagoda Clock had a mechanism in the display so you could hear all the lovely sounds it made without having to wait for the hours.

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