Fluddy Duddy

There are a few things I always find myself wanting multiples of when in reality one is really enough. For example: wallets, cell phone covers, bed sheets, running sneakers and watches. Every time I see an attractive watch, I want to buy it. And I know there are people out there who change out their watches according to their outfits but mine is so necessary to my every day functioning that if I were to forget my watch because the one from yesterday’s outfit didn’t match with today’s outfit, the outcome would be a lot worse than a mismatched watch and belt situation. So instead of buying a new watch, I’ll share these little pieces of genius with you all. Created by Flud (and found on Open Sky), these Moment watches have interchangeable bands. They’re also so perfectly masculine/feminine that your boyfriend, husband, brother, or even co-worker could share the watch with you! That seems like an excuse to own two watches…

Perfectly paired masculine and feminine watches with GREAT wood details.

Even amongst this one style of watches I find myself having a hard time picking just one and wishing I could buy them all!


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