Alabama, Arkansas, I Do Love My Mom and Pa

Two things have been on my mind a lot recently: Atlanta Homes Magazine and Bobby McAlpine. And this home is proof that my mind’s in the right place. With architecture by McAlpine Tankersley, interior design by Susan Ferrier, and a backdrop like Lake Martin, Alabama, a quintessential serene home has been created. With its clean lines, muted colors and generous use of wood, the home’s a muse for all my future work.

Designer Susan Ferrier’s Style Secrets

What are the essentials for any lake house?  A comfortable place outside to lounge with evening cocktails, a great sound system throughout, WiFi and comfortable beds to land in at the end of the day.

What’s on your weekend playlist?  On the weekends, I like to listen to movies, mostly old, because it makes me feel like my house is full of stimulating people that I would not normally have access to, and it takes my mind to remote locations.

I can’t live with …  small ideas and ideals.

I can’t live without …  my husband, my jewelry, global travel, my pets and my dreams.

No home is complete without …  reminders of the life you have lived and the life you intend to live.

How do you relax?  I have to leave the country. Traveling abroad places me in unfamiliar settings and circumstances, so I am forced to let go and walk through it all by observing but not participating. It is like listening to music rather than having to compose the music that makes up my everyday life.

How do you beat the heat and stay cool?  If I cannot be totally submerged in water with a cocktail full of ice, an air-conditioned parked car will do.


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  1. Thanks for putting our work on your blog!

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