Time for a Table Vignette

With a new chest in my hallway, I’m preparing to create a vignette atop it. Let’s get inspired

Left Coast Luxe

Decor Pad

Imma Nerd

Seattle Style File

La Dolce Vita


Tips from Cococozy:

1. Add flowers or plants – Keep a fresh bouquet of flowers (can be cut from your garden ) or a neat little plant on your table. I have an orchid on my coffee table. Brings something living into your living room and can wonderful burst of color.
2. Reading is good – Sounds cliche but coffee table books are a wonderful thing.  They are a great conversation piece, they add color and if you are a guest in some one’s home they do provide for great browsing.  Also, it is a way to add your point of view into a space.
3. Create highs and lows – Remember not everything on the coffee table should be the same height.  Tall candle sticks, low trays, medium height plants, small decorative items.  Add texture by adding pieces that differ in scale, height and size.
4.  Let there be light – A great candle, a lantern or, candle sticks provide great mood light on a coffee table and they can be very decorative as well.
5. Pop of color – Afraid of color like me, use your coffee table as the place to try out bolder color and or interesting curiosities that may be too overwhelming throughout a space but that will work in small doses.
6. A little history tells a big story – Make sure to add in an item that is truly personal and tells a bit about your life or your family.  I have a silver dish that my mother has given me on my coffee table…makes my space feel like home!

From the Designer Lifestyle

 I’ll be sure to post what I come up with!


2 responses to “Time for a Table Vignette

  1. very cool! and simple…love the checklist!

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