Check It Out: Ballard Designs

For the many years my house has been receiving Ballard Designs Magazine, I’ve flipped through it maybe once or twice. When it came in the mail the other day, it arrived back page up, and all I saw were the words “SUZANNE KASLER” staring at me in the face. Since she is my idol, I quickly grabbed the magazine and turned it over to see if it was Elle Decor or Veranda. Turns out, it was Ballard Designs. And not only does Suzanna Kasler have a collection with Ballard, but they have some really great stuff… I feel like I’m cheating on the design center. But design is design and I am in full support of anyone who makes the effort to make their home more beautiful.

One of the best parts of this website is that you can try out the fabric on the sofa/headboard/chair BEFORE you order it. you can leave it plain jane like the above or…

Go crazy with ikat!

Have any of you ever ordered from Ballard or tried out their fabric on furniture pieces before buying it?


2 responses to “Check It Out: Ballard Designs

  1. Yes! They have great (affordable) upholstered headboards that I love. I played with that tool a ton when searching for my bed. Also love their ottomans with storage.

  2. No, I haven’t – I actually hadn’t thought of them in a few months, so in my search for a certain piece of furniture this morning…. checking their site didn’t even cross my mind. I like that option that shows you how the finished piece will look – usually I have to do that for my clients in Photoshop. Ha!

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