Round Up: Chicago [to shop]

If you’re a repeat reader (THANKS!), you know I don’t do outfit posts. i think i’ve made a personal appearance once and it is now my dashboard photo. well, lucky ducks, here i am. or at least here my legs are.

topshop made it onto my chicago itinerary. without one in boston and with a 10% student discount (thanks BAC), i justified these crazy pants and that poor girl’s CC Skye bracelet i’ve been wanting.

sort of kicking myself for not getting this watercolor print mullet skirt

these were cool.

if only i were still in college

the great mustacchio

which interior designer out there is going to take the PLUNGE?

101 dalmatian shorts. in the dressing room. no shame game.


2 responses to “Round Up: Chicago [to shop]

  1. Love the tiger bangle!!

  2. So pretty! Love all the photos!

    ox from NYC!


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