Be at Peace in Your Home

I recently did a serious and much needed revamping of my bedroom. From lime green walls and multi-color plaid blinds to ice blue walls and sheer white curtains, my attitude and feeling when in my bedroom has changed drastically. While I love bright colors and there are some colorful fabrics that I’m instantly drawn to, there is nothing quite like a calm, serene home that you can return to at the end of a long day and just feel at peace.

Whether it be your bedroom, bath, kitchen, or living room, I think it is important to have that one room in your home that instantly lifts your spirits.

Bloomberg Businessweek

those curtains blowing in the breeze… Troy Campbell

Patricia McDonagh

this entire home is white and serene

Karl Anderson Photography

thinking about getting this IKEA light for my bedroom (similar option by Stylish Furniture & Decor here)… Norm Architecture

check this beautiful space out!

Leslie Fine interiors

Annsley Interiors

a little color can still be calming… Christine Lane

the man, the myth, the lengend… Charles Spada

Charles Spada


2 responses to “Be at Peace in Your Home

  1. when do we get a sneak peek of the bedroom, missy?

  2. The “Leslie Fine” Bathroom rocks! And I thought the pic I posted of a Spa Like Bathroom today was the “BOMB”, but hers is too!


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