Bedroom Makeover: The Windows

This was an extremely busy, productive, and satisfying weekend. My bedroom has been an ongoing battle between making it reflect my personal style and finding the time to work on it. I’m finally ready to reveal some parts of my room and I’m so excited. The above is my new window view: sheer curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond (108″ long so they touch the ground) and homemade blinds. The blinds took me all day and currently they’re rather dubiously attached but with time, they will be the real thing.

The before… it’s okay, you can scream.

I finally fixed my sewing machine!

The Tale of the Homemade Blinds:

I went to Winmil Fabrics in Chinatown to buy some fabric. First time around I got cheap cotton fabric that had a neat blue shagreen pattern but from far away, the pattern totally disappeared. I returned and purchased this upholstery-weight fabric with a bigger pattern. I hemmed the edges, and then tested the blinds only to find out that the sun shone through the fabric and disguised the pattern I so proudly wanted to display. Putting the original fabric to use, I backed the blinds to prevent the sun from shining through. I used the bottom weight from my previous blinds so that they stay in place, wrapped the top of the fabric around the existing blind pully and doodley doo. you have the above.


3 responses to “Bedroom Makeover: The Windows

  1. I’m making new curtains right now too! the key is to hang them high and wide! I love this graphic….

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