Tips and Tricks

While I’m in a profession that can easily spend over a million dollars on just the interior design (Who’s excited for season 2 of Million Dollar Decorators?), I’ve also got to know the tricks to designing on a budet and making good design available to everyone. So here are some quick tricks that are easily accessible to all that I achieved in a single weekend.

The above is a pillow i quickly sewed together using a memo sample from some years ago. Because I didn’t have enough fabric for the front and the back, I used another somewhat matching memo sample on the other side, creating a duel-patterned pillow! You can use fabric scraps or take a trip to your nearest fabric store.

I made my first trip to the SoWa Market after it being highly recommended by Whitney, a better Bostonian than me. While my cohorts dragged their feet a bit, I picked up this gold faux bamboo magazine rack within seconds of stepping into the antiques market. I carried it around like a purse for the rest of the afternoon.

There are so many amazing antique finds at great steals. I loved these perfume bottles and the asian screen.

Winmil Fabrics is my new favorite place to hang out. I manage to make friends with the sales people every time I go. While the fabrics aren’t all labeled, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these once resided in the design center. The quantities are definitely limited, but they’re great for making pillows. Or blinds!

Ta da! Reupholstery in the making… while I don’t think there will be enough fabric to recover the entire chair, I may reupholster the main part of the chair and make the cushion a different fabric just to make it work. These are two different chairs so I have to find enough fabric to cover both.


3 responses to “Tips and Tricks

  1. The perfume bottles look awesome must say. Have been reading your blog and must say your are a source of inspiration keep up with your work.

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  3. The hobnail milk glass perfume bottles are gorgeous. Of course, I am madly in love with Ikat, paisley, damask… I’m redoing my living room on a $1000 budget; I’m at about $750, still need to buy a mirror, lamps, and candles. Thank goodness for my years of hoarding curtains, curtain rods, and a million pieces of furniture 😉

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