Back to School.

It’s no secret that I would give anything to be back in college. Vanderbilt specifically. I had the most amazing four years in Nashville and I can’t imagine having spent it any other way. While I put in a little effort with my bedding every year, I definitely wish I could have another try at tackling the cement block walls and sad looking wood beds. Here are some back to school essentials to make your dorm room the one everyone’s talking about:

Extra long twin-set, please!

A bedskirt?! Why/how did I not think of that?

These pom pom pillows are adorable

For the more sophisticated college girl!

I just don’t know what it is. I am not a pink girl but my freshman year dorm room claimed otherwise:

Tying your curtains up with mismatched hair ribbons? I tried. Also, the desk chair. That desk chair.

Art in my dorm room consisted of poorly printed high school photos taped to the wall (see above)

Great conversation piece plates

Very cool

This floor lamp means business

West Elm has great shower curtains

Such a cute magnet board for notes, reminders and photos

A good desk chair changes everything

Just yes.

So… time to go back? Thank goodness for homecoming.


3 responses to “Back to School.

  1. Reblogged this on Apartments i Like blog and commented:
    College dorm rooms can look beautiful…a great post full of cool ideas!

  2. Great post! Love love this little vacuum here. So cute I’m sure they’d use it at least once before setting it up as a party centerpiece! 😉

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