Jazz it Up

When browsing, I tend to gravitate toward bright fabrics, prints and furniture. Neon chairs? Obsessed. However, when it actually comes to placing the items in my home, I end up wanting a serene, calming look. Is it possible to have a mix of both?

A great way to add a punch of interest without going overboard is through the little details: artwork, the front door, flowers, or trim. While the leopard fabric on the ottoman above that I saw at the Duralee showroom in the Boston Design Center yesterday definitely isn’t serene, the blue trim with nailheads reminded me to have fun with design and take chances. Nothing is permanent and things as simple as artwork, a paint job, fresh flowers or colored trim, can easily be swapped out.

Fuschia flowers to brighten the space – At Home in Arkansas

Imagine how different this space would look with a different piece of art

A chartreuse door that lets light in

Tangerine door, white paint.

Pink table legs? Looks like a great DIY – The Style Files


One response to “Jazz it Up

  1. I am the exact same way! I love bright crazy patterns, but usually stick with just a touch of it in my own home. Love this post!

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