Bobby’s Oak Leaf Wing Chair

Surprise, surprise… I’m obsessed with Bobby McAlpine. His oak leaf wing chair first caught my attention when it graced the glossy pages of Veranda Magazine’s March-April 2012 issue. For more details on the chair, see here.

McAlpine’s kitchen with the chair sitting strong to the left.

My re-affinity with McAlpine’s chair all started because I was looking at chairs on Restoration Hardware’s website and came across this one above (see here) which reminded me of the oak leaf wing chair. The wood sides that encompass the body and the traditional wing back style being treated in an untraditional manner is exactly what I like to see in design.

Read about McAlpine’s secret sources for home furnishings in Veranda Magazine here. Reason #1 million I should move back to Nashville.


One response to “Bobby’s Oak Leaf Wing Chair

  1. So glad you like the chair! Thanks for the lovely post.

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