Nancy Pearson – colorful pillows can easily be substituted with neutral tones for a totally different look

Design can be so subjective and scrutinized to the point that I am sometimes afraid to declare I love something for fear that others will wonder what in the world is wrong with me. Because of my love of creative and colorful design, this happens occasionally but usually it’s just my parents telling me I’m crazy and that my love for a headboard like this won’t last forever.

And while maybe I won’t love that headboard ten years down the road, if it makes me happy now, why shouldn’t I have it? I am a strong believer that when it comes to your home, HAVE FUN with the design. Because everything can be changed and nothing is permanent, especially when it comes to pillows and window treatments, an easy way to add color and pattern to your home.

House Beautiful – this headboard caught my eye

Veranda – that yellow chair.

Annsley Interiors – a genius at having fun with design

Celerie Kemble – sophisticated but youthful, that headboard has my name written all over it

Caitlin Wilson – sometimes the rug takes center stage

David Kleinberg – gutsy.

Traditional Home – go neutral if you like, but make sure the accessories are unique


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