Light Alert


contemporary-table-lampsRobert Abbey Delta Lamp

BBL2035SB-SFrench Cuff Sconce

AH4014NB-FGBasil Flush Mount

LRL5214NATDustin Dodecahedron Wood Pendant

Between work and school, my blog has definitely suffered. However, I still plan to use it to share neat items I’ve found, homes I love and DIY or home projects (which is a slow but well-worth-it experience). Thank you, always, for stopping by and reading!

2 responses to “Light Alert

  1. Love anything and everything you have to share!

  2. Carrie, These past few months you have inspired me to look at my own houseful of objects in a refreshing light. You have taught me how to appreciate the significance of texture, shape, color, light and placement that will bring punch to a lonely corner, an empty wall, a quiet functional door or a comfy chair and sofa. I look forward to the New Year and retreating to my favorite chair, opening your blog to read and scroll your fresh ideas adding to my wish list your capriciously inspired ideas.

    * : . HAPPY NEW YEAR . : * Thank you! Mary Gosnell

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