About Capriciously Inspired


despite being simple in my own everyday style, i am an enthusiast for everything beautiful and live vicariously through inspiring images. i’m northern born, southern inspired and constantly touched by the unexpected.

i currently live and was raised in boston, went to school in nashville, and live to travel the world and experience new things.

i work for an architectural interior design company and am design obsessed.

this blog does not have one direction, but instead, shows how capricious i can be when it comes to every day matters. i love interior design, chocolate goodness, tv shows about a cappella groups, being up at the one great lake, and traveling.  my taste is constantly adapting and expanding and this blog is a record of everything i find inspirational on a day-to-day basis. i hope you come here to get ideas, be inspired and learn something new.

4 responses to “About Capriciously Inspired

  1. so prettyyyy!

  2. Hi! I have recently discovered your blog and really enjoyed your posts, so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    I’ve added a link to your blog from my post: https://lilyandrose1126.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/nominated-for-the-versatile-blogger-award/

    Thanks and congratulations!

  3. Hi!

    I am ceo of gruppo seccio , and just read your blog and your post about us : https://capriciouslyinspired.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/bellissimo-seccio/

    i wanted to thank you for being a fan!

    please get in touch by email sal@seccio.com


  4. Dear Carey,

    My name is Annabelle Petriella and I am the owner of Stylish Furniture and
    Decor, an online retailer of home furnishings and accessories. I really like your blog and I wanted to reach out to you to see if there was an opportunity for us to collaborate in promoting your readership and my
    furniture store.

    I launched the site a few months ago and as a veteran Interior Designer
    have a great passion for design and especially sourcing exciting products.
    Our collection is growing and expanding daily as I add new vendors. I’m
    also launching an e-design site in April, Stylish Design Services, as a
    complement to the retail store. It will feature a directory, of sorts, of
    designers for customers to choose from who will provide a design for a
    room virtually.

    I’m looking to collaborate with bloggers like you to help promote my
    company and, in turn, your blog. I’ll put links to your blog on my site
    and two blogs. I’ll give you a unique discount code for you to share with
    your readers and will be happy to give you a 10% commission on any sales
    that you bring in! We could also discuss the opportunity to post as a
    guest writer on my blog, or me on yours.

    I’m open to any other ideas you might have for collaboration! Please let
    me know if you’re interested or have any questions. I look forward to
    hearing from you!

    Annabelle Petriella

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