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Making Chicago Home

IMG_7870Hatch Show Print picked up on a fun trip to Nashville

IMG_8005Randolph Street Market flea



IMG_8030Some of my favorite items found and received along the way

IMG_8043Re-post from The Zoe Report. An inspiring woman with an inspiring message.

I’ve been in Chicago for six weeks now and I just spent my first weekend in the city since moving here – with weddings, graduations and weekends away with friends, it was nice to finally wake up in my bed with nowhere to be. We spent the weekend making the apartment feel like home and filling it with memories, visiting the local flea, and seeing friends. I’ve started a “to eat” list and it grows daily. This city loves to eat, making me feel right at home.


A Facet A Day Keeps the Doctor Away


searchKelly Wearstler

kiva-large-platter-rose-quartz-goldPieces Inc.

nuage-tablesNuage Tables

pinky-stardust-finialChic Shop


furniture_item_detailCharles Spada


A Jeweled Facet

XXX_BocadoLoboDiamondSideboardandPixelCabinet2Emerald Faceted Sideboard by Marco Costa



While this piece is extremely project-specific, I love the geometric quality and emerald green (color of the year!). It is very Kelly Wearstler-esque. And anything marked with gold is always better.

Row Row Row Your Boat


This mirror caught my eye for its creativity and adaptation of the ever-popular, yet occasionally oversaturated Sunburst Mirror. It’s a comical adaptation and reminded me of the summer houses up at The Lake. The white color makes it adult enough for the entryway but it could also be a fun addition to a boys room when painted in bright colors.




Dory Boat Artist Crafted Mirror by Blithewold Home

One Kings Lane

The twig table (shown above) has been on my “want” list for years and at $150, it’s a steal. Due to current lack of necessity, I resisted from hitting “add to cart,” but it wasn’t easy. Thank goodness for flash sale websites like One Kings Lane, making once out-of-reach pieces, more in-reach. You have to be quick and you must be confident, but when you score a steal that’s meant to be, there’s no better feeling. Shop the site here.

Live Serenely, Be Serene.

I’m of the mindset that your interior affects your mood. When your home is well designed, it can create a sense of completion and satisfaction. A serene, muted home can be calming while a colorful, engaging home can be energizing. These soft interiors are just what I need.

Where do I even begin? The floor, the petit settee, the chevon pillow, the powder blue inlay box… pure beauty.

The french daybed, the french doors, the gilded mirror… french design at its finest.

The exterior block elements brought inside, the black double doors, the black and white detailing… clean and crisp.

Susan Ferrier at Her Best

The architectural creativity that went into these stairs is so amazing. I would expect nothing less of Susan Ferrier of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier. The way the firm plays with natural wood elements, soft furnishings and serene accessories, their portfolio is filled with enviable interiors. See more from this project here.