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TENNESSEE: a bakery cafe in arlington

this semester of school has by far been my favorite. we’ve moved into a realm where designing everything from the layout of the space to the wall materials to the light fixtures really count. looking to my past and being inspired by the coffee shops i loved in nashville, i took a spin on an empty space in arlington, massachusetts and recreated a bakery cafe with a nashville feel.

I began with pulling inspiration images, wanting the space to feel rustic yet welcoming. a place where one felt comfortable pulling their feet up on the sofa.

productRestoration Hardware – chalkboard wall, reclaimed wood floors, light fixtures

reclaimed-wood-stairs Reclaimed wood stairs

12 Marble display cases

41584089938 creative signage

we were given the empty floor plan and the requirements (number of display cases, kitchen square footage, handicap accessible bathroom, etc.) and had free range from there.

i wanted the space to be one in which people could learn and share knowledge between sips of coffee. a large chalkboard wall, comfy leather sofa and lighting worthy of an art gallery lit the stage. hatchprint, a signature style of nashville, led customers from the front of the space to the back. and my love of geometrics shaped my kitchen.


Because furniture was limited, each piece had to make an impact

Arteriors ziggy pendantitem-1 Arteriors Wyndham Swivel Stoolabbott-sofaJayson Home leather sofa

item-2Arteriors Adele Pendant

many drawings later, the space came to life. boston is in need of more off-brand coffee shops, and i wouldn’t mind one that marks my lattes with a heart.



Lonni Paul Design


I am completely obsessed with this home designed by Lonni Paul for Giuliana and Bill Rancic. The photos do not do it justice compared to the episode of Giuliana and Bill that revealed a walk through of the home. Soft, neutral and a bit feminine, just like I like it.

And their baby’s name is Duke… so good.








Guest Post from Arcadian Home Blog

Hi, all! It’s Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find beautiful home decor inspirations. I’m so happy to visiting with you at Capriciously Inspired to share some of the great interior design and decorating ideas I have discovered recently. My guest post for today is about using gorgeous metallics in the kitchen. I hope these beautiful rooms will inspire your decorating dreams. Please enjoy!

Kitchen Metallics

In a brilliant design by Kelly Wearstler featured in Elle Decor, this brass island is a stunning example of the beauty of metallics in the kitchen.

Kitchen Metallics

Hammered copper elevates the look of this hard working butler’s pantry. The deep farmhouse sink is at once functional and beautiful, but my eyes are drawn to the glowing metal of the twin pendant lights above—lovely.

Kitchen Metallics

Tom Dixon teamed up with Ekoij to create this Beam kitchen. High-powered metallics used to create this stunning design are raw steel and bronze.

Kitchen Metallics

Even a small apartment kitchen can be brought to life by the metallic beauty of brass, especially when it comes in the form of one bold element like this gorgeous range hood. It’s magnificent don’t you think?

Kitchen Metallics

This all white open kitchen gets its metallic touches from shiny silvery metals. What a lovely mix of lighting fixtures the designer used here!

Kitchen Metallics

In a kitchen filled with hard-working professional grade stainless steel appliances, metallic wallpaper and a glass chandelier give this space a bit of a glam look.

Kitchen Metallics

Brass or copper-lined pendant lights can add beautiful metallic touches above a kitchen bar or work island.

Kitchen Metallics

And, lastly, we leave you as we began with the ultimate look of metallics in the kitchen—stunning silver-clad cabinets, bathed in the glow from a hanging brass lighting fixture. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these metallic kitchens? Leave us your comments and stop by our site for more home accessories and decor, lighting fixtures, and interior inspirations!

Doors of London

The Queen’s Grocery

On a trip to London last week, I spent some time sourcing the delicate rows of Fortnum & Mason. With so many beautiful jars, tins and bottles waiting to be plucked up and brought home for the holidays, I made sure to bring a few sweets home with me.

Sugar crystals too pretty to eat

Champagne fit for the New Year

Chocolate Squares

Pop in for a sweet

Sugar stars to top your cupcakes

Color coat your spreads

Save the tin once the tea is gone

Shop with gold

Pretend you’re at Hermes

Fancy yourself a Brit

Look back when you walk out

Live Serenely, Be Serene.

I’m of the mindset that your interior affects your mood. When your home is well designed, it can create a sense of completion and satisfaction. A serene, muted home can be calming while a colorful, engaging home can be energizing. These soft interiors are just what I need.

Where do I even begin? The floor, the petit settee, the chevon pillow, the powder blue inlay box… pure beauty.

The french daybed, the french doors, the gilded mirror… french design at its finest.

The exterior block elements brought inside, the black double doors, the black and white detailing… clean and crisp.

Bobby’s Oak Leaf Wing Chair

Surprise, surprise… I’m obsessed with Bobby McAlpine. His oak leaf wing chair first caught my attention when it graced the glossy pages of Veranda Magazine’s March-April 2012 issue. For more details on the chair, see here.

McAlpine’s kitchen with the chair sitting strong to the left.

My re-affinity with McAlpine’s chair all started because I was looking at chairs on Restoration Hardware’s website and came across this one above (see here) which reminded me of the oak leaf wing chair. The wood sides that encompass the body and the traditional wing back style being treated in an untraditional manner is exactly what I like to see in design.

Read about McAlpine’s secret sources for home furnishings in Veranda Magazine here. Reason #1 million I should move back to Nashville.