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To Fiddle Or Not To Fiddle

close up 2

My apartment is great, and I feel lucky to have the space we have, but there is one eyesore I can’t get past. We have a large AC unit on our TV wall and I don’t think I can stand looking at it anymore! I’ve never been an indoor plant person (with the exception of my beloved terrarium air plant) but fiddle leaf fig trees are so commonly used in interiors these days, I’m considering giving it a try. Who needs a puppy when you can have a fiddle who, research shows, can require just as much maintenance. These apartment photos are quick photoshop doodads, just to help me get an idea of the effect. Inspiration images below…

overall 2

Chair, Serena & Lily | Stools, Serena & Lily | Floating Shelves, West Elm & Container Store | TV Cabinet, Ikea

inspiration Fiddle-Leaf-Fig-Tree-Pruned1





baskets and planters

Top left | Top right | Bottom left | Bottom right


DIY: Embroidered YUM


I found this YUM sign at Target and it hung unadorned for quite some time until I felt it needed some capricious love.


IMG_8191Yarn found at Michaels




Color Blocking

6a00d8341c6a0853ef017ee66dfe56970d-800wivia Design Sponge

While my iPhone case has been up for debate… my coworker calling it an easter egg and my mom poo poo’ing it, i think it is awesome and when I saw the door above, i knew it was proof.

yhst-65082455806480_2241_2103639Minnie & Emma

il_fullxfull.359713162_gof1More examples… Etsy Skirt

Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Foxy-Color-Block-Neoprene-(Pink-Yellow)-010602Jeffrey Campbell

eqzoom85Rebecca Minkoff

c621a92b2cdcc25bf61bcfadfc76190754586085_600Teen Vogue

All I Want for Christmas…

Is this bad boy.

I can definitely see it being an awesome DIY as well.

2013 New Years Resolution: be more creative with materials.


Lamps Plus

Lighting Universe

Florescent Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint

Mark Your Territory

Little boys room pillow

J & M pillows

I’ve always been a fan of monogramming but to some it can seem a bit stuffy and over the top. When done in such an adorable way as seen below, how are you not tempted to add it to your collection of pillows?

Who else but Serena & Lily?

T pillow

That headboard….

More Serena & Lily

Marry Me

Last weekend was a wedding weekend for me so I’m feeling inspired by these beautiful images. I definitely want some homemade touches as I’ve always been crafty but with the amount of time all of that takes, I do not know how people do it!

To the moon and back.

And the wedding’s in Nashville.

Love the flower top

1 . 2 . 3 – 8 . 9 – 10 .

A Potential DIY and Inspiring Image

I absolutely love the image above designed by Moises Esquenazi & Associates. The whole scene is perfect. But more than that, the door looks like it could be a potential DIY project. Instead of just wishing for something, I’ve learned this past year through blogs that creating something instead of just pining for something is possible. You just have to get a little creative, find inspiration, and take a chance!

Inspired by Belladwella’s door makeover, I think it’s possible!