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A Facet A Day Keeps the Doctor Away


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In With the New

in with the new

Yesterday was emotional. I decided to retire, for the most part, my favorite and most sentimental pair of booties. These boys were picked up in a little town outside of Cinque Terre for, I’d say, $20. Impervious to the fact that I was purchasing them from a store with an aesthetic similar to America’s Rave, I took a chance on them. They quickly became my favorite pair of boots and the wear and literal tears on them are proof.

I’d been looking for a replacement pair for a few months but couldn’t find one that compared. The toes were perfectly round, the heel a perfect length to bring my flare jeans off the ground and the height just right to tuck my skinny jeans. As I hobbled over to the new pair due to the dulling and uneven heels of the former, I knew I had found their match.

So while you enjoy a laugh imagining me sitting in my room putting jewelry on my new pairs of shoes, because, in reality, isn’t everything a place to display your jewelry, I know my Siena friends will smile at these boots, knowing they come with a lot of history and love.


For you. I just don’t think I’ve ever been happier.11435_1147264372303_1548360028_30415241_5260905_n

Color Blocking

6a00d8341c6a0853ef017ee66dfe56970d-800wivia Design Sponge

While my iPhone case has been up for debate… my coworker calling it an easter egg and my mom poo poo’ing it, i think it is awesome and when I saw the door above, i knew it was proof.

yhst-65082455806480_2241_2103639Minnie & Emma

il_fullxfull.359713162_gof1More examples… Etsy Skirt

Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Foxy-Color-Block-Neoprene-(Pink-Yellow)-010602Jeffrey Campbell

eqzoom85Rebecca Minkoff

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The Marant Pant

Happy Halloween! But don’t be fooled, this isn’t my costume.

Picking materials is one of my favorite parts of being in the interior design field, so I am always drawn to clothing and accessories that have fun or unique aspects that I could see on a fabric or as a detail on a piece of furniture. Where better to wear these Isabel Marant look-a-likes than at homecoming, where my pants aren’t the loudest thing at the party.

Photos thanks to the glam DPL.

I’m Feeling Instaspired

There are so many ways to get inspired these days. From shelter magazines to blogs to my morning walk to work, I am constantly taking pictures and ripping out pages. Instagram is a great way to get a sneak peak into other peoples lives and be inspired by the same things that are inspiring them at that very moment.

Take a look at some of my favorite instagram shots from the past couple weeks:

Druzy Crown Earrings

Check out these beauties:



Instagram Instaspire

I thought I loved this Crate & Barrel ottoman but Me You & A Wiener took the cake with the reeded legs and gilded accents.

Chiara from The Blonde Salad has a life to be envious of… but that blazer… I would literally give all of my favorite possessions to own that blazer.

See the blazer by Atelier Azza in orange.


and blinged out. Worn by the designer herself!

To see more of her line, click here.