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Bedroom Reveal

I’ve shared my progress here and there but I’m finally ready to put my hammer down and enjoy the view for a while. It’s temporary, so it isn’t perfect; but it has come a long way. From the DIY curtain blinds to the artwork from Siena, this room is all me and no room makes me happier than this one does.

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Desperately Seeking…

A flea market in Massachusetts. After seeing a photo of Taylor Swift at an L.A. flea market, and hearing about all of Cupcake and Cashmere’s L.A. flea market finds, I am ready to find some gems of my own. However, where to start? Despite being from Boston, I do not know where to begin looking or how far away some of the towns that have flea markets are. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them! I’m currently looking for a single or pair of bamboo chairs and gold frames.

Cupcakes and Cashmere “This is Not Ikea” finds

Photos from the Arezzo Antique Fair in Italy


I am so excited to share Charles Spada‘s Normandy home. It was featured in Italian Architectural Digest last March and was just published in the January-February issue of Veranda Magazine along with Charles’s Top 10 Renovation tips which can be found here. This was certainly an early Christmas present for all of us at the office.

While Charles describes the house as “undecorated,” his love of antiques and decades long collection is, in my opinion, decorated without the feeling of a decorators presence. In the end, this mindset is what makes his designs so timeless.

Fashion and Interiors

1. west elm veneer spheres             2. cobble hill south hampton chair & a half              3. west elm tufted headboard      4. anna leather wallet           5. dwell studio pillow              6. lotus candle holder          7. calvin klein home marble mirror            8. dwellstudio draper stripe ash duvet set         9. old grand library trunk in firenze by timothy oulton          Model: Loro Piana

Arezzo Antique Fair

Who knew photographing these antiques two years ago would lead to me now being able to study them, question their age, and wonder about their past.

All that amazing furniture. I told myself at the time, before I had any idea I’d be getting into the antique business, that I’d come back one day and bring a piece back to the US with me.

Such vibrant colors and textures for central Italy

I am still kicking myself for not bringing one of these home but they seemed so heavy at the time to be bringing home in my already overpacked suitcase.

I did, however, bring one of these home for my mother and that is something I will always be grateful for.


I spent a glorious four months in Siena, Italy my junior fall (2 years ago now). Siena and Europe changed my life that semester. I look at the world differently now and while I was ready to return to America and English speaking people, I left a bit of my heart in Europe and dream about the day I will return…  It is such a captivating country with so much rich history.

The last building built in Siena was in 1555 when Cosimo de Medici conquered Siena and Siena lost its independence and its art. Everything else besides the fortezza, which was built to control the people of Siena, remains the exact same.

Florence at night

The fountain and lawn by my apartment in Siena

Hiking Cinque Terre is a must-do.

Where my addiction to coffee began… how could I resist when it comes like this?

Cave Canem at Pompeii.

The best purchase I made that semester… Italia socks

Our gold man. He made his celebrity debut in Letters to Juliet which was filmed in Siena the summer before we arrived.

Stunning architecture around every bend

The tea room. Our warm haven and secret find.