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Making Chicago Home

IMG_7870Hatch Show Print picked up on a fun trip to Nashville

IMG_8005Randolph Street Market flea



IMG_8030Some of my favorite items found and received along the way

IMG_8043Re-post from The Zoe Report. An inspiring woman with an inspiring message.

I’ve been in Chicago for six weeks now and I just spent my first weekend in the city since moving here – with weddings, graduations and weekends away with friends, it was nice to finally wake up in my bed with nowhere to be. We spent the weekend making the apartment feel like home and filling it with memories, visiting the local flea, and seeing friends. I’ve started a “to eat” list and it grows daily. This city loves to eat, making me feel right at home.


In With the New

in with the new

Yesterday was emotional. I decided to retire, for the most part, my favorite and most sentimental pair of booties. These boys were picked up in a little town outside of Cinque Terre for, I’d say, $20. Impervious to the fact that I was purchasing them from a store with an aesthetic similar to America’s Rave, I took a chance on them. They quickly became my favorite pair of boots and the wear and literal tears on them are proof.

I’d been looking for a replacement pair for a few months but couldn’t find one that compared. The toes were perfectly round, the heel a perfect length to bring my flare jeans off the ground and the height just right to tuck my skinny jeans. As I hobbled over to the new pair due to the dulling and uneven heels of the former, I knew I had found their match.

So while you enjoy a laugh imagining me sitting in my room putting jewelry on my new pairs of shoes, because, in reality, isn’t everything a place to display your jewelry, I know my Siena friends will smile at these boots, knowing they come with a lot of history and love.


For you. I just don’t think I’ve ever been happier.11435_1147264372303_1548360028_30415241_5260905_n

Marry Me

Last weekend was a wedding weekend for me so I’m feeling inspired by these beautiful images. I definitely want some homemade touches as I’ve always been crafty but with the amount of time all of that takes, I do not know how people do it!

To the moon and back.

And the wedding’s in Nashville.

Love the flower top

1 . 2 . 3 – 8 . 9 – 10 .

Check Me Out

School starts up today. And while that usually signals the end of summer, I’m not giving up yet… labor day is still around the corner and it’s still too hot for me to wear jeans. I used this past weekend to relax, get organized, and sneak in a DIY project or two.

What a great set of stairs. Cream marble and gold stair rails

I would love to have a custom set of lucite letters made for my place

Proof that the little details are everything


Look ma, I made pillows!

Fancied up some boring straps

Gift to myself.

Bubble glass balls- great for coffee tables and bookshelves

Loved the gold on this clear lemonade jar

Back to School.

It’s no secret that I would give anything to be back in college. Vanderbilt specifically. I had the most amazing four years in Nashville and I can’t imagine having spent it any other way. While I put in a little effort with my bedding every year, I definitely wish I could have another try at tackling the cement block walls and sad looking wood beds. Here are some back to school essentials to make your dorm room the one everyone’s talking about:

Extra long twin-set, please!

A bedskirt?! Why/how did I not think of that?

These pom pom pillows are adorable

For the more sophisticated college girl!

I just don’t know what it is. I am not a pink girl but my freshman year dorm room claimed otherwise:

Tying your curtains up with mismatched hair ribbons? I tried. Also, the desk chair. That desk chair.

Art in my dorm room consisted of poorly printed high school photos taped to the wall (see above)

Great conversation piece plates

Very cool

This floor lamp means business

West Elm has great shower curtains

Such a cute magnet board for notes, reminders and photos

A good desk chair changes everything

Just yes.

So… time to go back? Thank goodness for homecoming.

Teepee the House


While building forts as a child was always fun and exciting, it was also fleeting. The forts were usually constructed out of sofa cushions and bedsheets and would need to be taken down from the main room by dinner time.  A teepee, however, can be that remote place where you can escape to read a book or write in your diary.






Image 1. Other images here.

Up at the Lake



The closest to heaven I’ve ever been