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My Whereabouts

I’ve been…

Swamped by studio work.

in a black hole while Back Bay went two days without power

admiring furniture at Mar$halls

spotting unique hardware in DC

reminded of past posts

wanting to steal these pillows from the Camden Roosevelt

attending my first flea market.

busy being a post grad problem

replaying parts :56 and 2:27


It Will All Be Okay.

This song is one of those instant feel-good songs. Also, where can I get a set of white teeth like those on Janelle? I would transplant her face onto mine if I could.

Northern by Birth, Southern by Choice.

a gift from my loving and understanding mother

I am country-music obsessed. I can be in the worst mood but put on a Reba song, and my mood is instantly lifted. Now that I’m no longer in Nashville, I have really been missing the part of my life where I can go to a bar and live country music instantly fills my ears. With the Country Music Association Awards (CMA’s) on last night, I am reminded how much I really miss my time in Nashville and dream about moving back there.

Here are some of my favorite country songs that will hopefully make those of you who have a negative opinion about country music or a naive view of country music, country music lovers. It is a genre of music that truly deserves respect due to its stories of heart break, loss and love. It pains me a bit to choose only a few songs and only one song from each of my favorite artists but here’s a taste: