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DIY: Embroidered YUM


I found this YUM sign at Target and it hung unadorned for quite some time until I felt it needed some capricious love.


IMG_8191Yarn found at Michaels




The Makings Of…


Happy Friday! A few of my favorite pieces. A great way to break up wall-to-wall carpet common in rentals is to lay a cow hide over the carpet to accent the area around the sofa.

Mirror | Bed | Nightstand | Stools | Cabinet | Sofa | Coffee Table| Leather Poof | Sisal Rug | Hide Rug

6a015433e2ad49970c017ee5751aa9970d-800wiElle Decor


9d6d915968a568f4377f89f4e3683212Better Home and Garden

ff2af0e6c5cf8e5b52351b7e45096c2dTaylor Hoff via Desire to Inspire

cab81a08d7067d0f94948cd701f35de4Jenna Lyons’ Apartment

The Makings of…


Enjoy these wallet-friendly pieces and check back later to see what I’ve found for some of my other favorite styles!

west elm sofa | ikea mirrorikea sideboardwest elm table lampall modern coffee tabledash & albert area rug | “x” book caserove concepts dining table | ikea dining chair | ikea bed |  west elm nightstand | ikea sheep skin (only available in stores)

Intermediate Stage: The Living Room

This new sisal rug from Crate & Barrel has completely transformed our living room, bringing in light and really making the room feel alive. Our previous rug, a dark red oriental rug was pretty, but it really weighed down the room. Next on my list is a new swing arm wall sconce and a new coffee table. Some ideas below….




Sconces: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4

Coffee Tables: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9

Living Vicariously

Not only are there so many amazing products out there, but there are so many amazing styles it often makes it hard to bring everything you like into one home. I’ve been really into velvet sofas lately and set with a bright yellow asian-inspired side table, one of my favorite Bungalow 5 lamps and a beautiful watercolor, it keeps it from seeming too formal or “grown up.”

Ladylike Watercolor

Velvet Sofa

Chinright Yellow Side Table

Delft Lamp

Niba Belair Rug

Faux Pretty

Yum. Want. Controversial because I’m anti real fur and inhumane animal treatment and this obviously symbolizes a live animal shredded to pieces but it’s so pretty… and only $263… I think I need to go find a faux.

But if you’re game, check it out here.

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7.

Phase 1: Replace Ugly Carpet.


The ugly green carpet that used to haunt my dreams is gone. The lighter carpet completely brightens up the space and is such a welcomed change. More house updates in the future…