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You’re My Very Favorite.

I highly recommend popping over to Sparrow Nest Script’s Etsy shop.

Slim Aarons: For People Like Me

It may be the poor mans Slim Aarons, but no matter who the artist is, the scene is the same and the scene is cool. I want a huge print, but maybe I’ll start with the iphone case and ease my way in…

Winter Midterm

I was tempted to call this post “Winter Review” but having only had a couple days of snow and a handful of cold days, I’m afraid winter may only be beginning. I am not someone who handles cold weather well, but the past few months have been good ones. Thank you iPhone for taking such quality pictures… it’s been a blessing always having a camera on hand

first studio assignment completed

dessert at max brenner

beautiful wood on the charles river esplande

makeshift marshmallow roasting at the wine cellar

a ruffled elbow patch

my two favorite necklaces

male necessities

beautiful raspberries

handmade thank you cards

a not-so-kid-friendly playground (i found climbing the web terrifying and my legs are feet longer than the kids scrambling past me)

Bright Neon Lights

Tom Binns

via Wit and Delight



Ikea Bed

Tip of the toe

Hand Knit

Song of Style

Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals