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What Inspires Me

Being in a creative profession and having a daily blog, sometimes it can be hard to always find inspiration. So where do I go to seek daily inspiration? Take a peak:

1. Blogs. I try to read my favorite 3 or 4 blogs daily. While I follow many more, there are some in particular that just inspire me to be more creative, try harder with my own blog, and work to inspire others. Follow Cupcakes and Cashmere, Elements of Style Blog, and The Man Repeller for inspiration.

2. Pinterest. I think everyone can agree with this. We’re staring at photos of how the 0.005% live and vicariously living through them. A vacation in Bora Bora, a home in the South of France, a beautiful wedding filled with fresh peonies, beautiful bridesmaids and a never-ending mac and cheese station? Those are the things that dreams are made of.

3. The Sun and The Lake. When it is nice out, my energy is at its highest and a smile is more consistently on my face. Therefore, I can breathe easier and my mind flows more steadily. Getting up to The Lake every summer is my sanity-pill. Spending time with family, childhood friends and soaking up the summer sun is what keeps me going.

4. My friends. I love when my friends come to me with design questions. My friend’s gallery wall filled with items she picked up on a girls trip we took together put the biggest smile on my face. She worked hard to make this work of art cohesive and I think it turned out great.

5. My family. If my parents weren’t letting me experiment my design taste on our own house, who knows who’s house would be my next experimentation lab! My bedroom was my first big design challenge and I am pretty proud of it.

Have you got a go-to list of things that inspire you? I’d love to hear them!


Happy Notes

The only thing I love more than great stationery and cards is good styling for the stationery and cards. Tokketok’s cards, stationery, notes, and everything are so special and unique that they’re sure to stand out amongst all your boring Staples purchases. However, the way they shot their products with the jelly beans, gold paper clips, and balloons make these products even more appealing than they’d be standing alone.

Kate Hume: International Travels

Kate Hume‘s portfolio consists of homes that deserve such titles as, “Manor England,” “Mansion Russia,” and “Villa Prague.” With projects all over Europe, Kate has earned the honor of designing homes with rich history and good bones. Kate calls Amsterdam home, and when she’s not designing homes for others, she’s designing furniture and glass sculptures to place in these homes.

Meryl Santopietro

A fan of lavender hues, Meryl Santopietro caught my eye with her fresh and liberal use of the color. While she is able to create a femininely luxurious apartment, she is also able to go back country and be inspired by tribal accessories and wood. Scroll through her portfolio and admire her unique choices of antiques, furniture and textiles. Her work is that uplifting kind that makes me thankful to be in this profession.

Hues of Lilac and Lavender

Sunsurfer Tumblr

I have come to love the color lavender. The way it makes a room feel so calm and serene, the way it lights up your eyes with a bit of eyeshadow, the way it stands out against a white t-shirt. With so many bold colors out right now, it is refreshing to have a color that is a little bit different but soothing at the same time.

Agate bullet necklaces

Elle Decor

House and Home

House and Home

Stockholm Street Style

The Party Dress

Amanda Ross on The Coveteur

Sugarsnap Tumblr

Olivia Wilde

Crumb Bakery

david mallett hair salon in Paris

Mila Kunis

It’s All in the Details

Xoom chandeliers found in Germany

Designing a home can get expensive. My theory when it comes to home furnishing is that if you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s worth the price tag. Matthew Quinn and Ric Parrish‘s Atlanta condo is the perfect example of standout pieces being worth every penny.

Striata Mocha marble fabricated by Marmi Natural Stone

Tile is from Renaissance Tile & Bath.

Reflecting pond by Atlanta Water Gardens

Kartell club chairs and ottoman

Gift Guide: Last Minute

As hard as we try to stay on top of our Holiday shopping, we all know that there’s always someone that slips through the cracks. Don’t have time to spend hours roaming the mall to find a gift that will look as though you spent weeks shopping for it? Try these last minute gifts to wow your family and friends and never break a sweat. You can also search my Gift Guides for mom, for her, and for him.

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