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Making Chicago Home

IMG_7870Hatch Show Print picked up on a fun trip to Nashville

IMG_8005Randolph Street Market flea



IMG_8030Some of my favorite items found and received along the way

IMG_8043Re-post from The Zoe Report. An inspiring woman with an inspiring message.

I’ve been in Chicago for six weeks now and I just spent my first weekend in the city since moving here – with weddings, graduations and weekends away with friends, it was nice to finally wake up in my bed with nowhere to be. We spent the weekend making the apartment feel like home and filling it with memories, visiting the local flea, and seeing friends. I’ve started a “to eat” list and it grows daily. This city loves to eat, making me feel right at home.


I’ll Meet You Down on Huron Street

There’s nothing quite like a block of houses where each one is more amazing than the next… there was definitely a sense of cohesion to these homes, and they were so picturesque that I didn’t seem to mind the competition between which one was more attractive than the next. Spotted while walking around Chicago in this area. Check out the street view here.

Round Up: Chicago [to shop]

If you’re a repeat reader (THANKS!), you know I don’t do outfit posts. i think i’ve made a personal appearance once and it is now my dashboard photo. well, lucky ducks, here i am. or at least here my legs are.

topshop made it onto my chicago itinerary. without one in boston and with a 10% student discount (thanks BAC), i justified these crazy pants and that poor girl’s CC Skye bracelet i’ve been wanting.

sort of kicking myself for not getting this watercolor print mullet skirt

these were cool.

if only i were still in college

the great mustacchio

which interior designer out there is going to take the PLUNGE?

101 dalmatian shorts. in the dressing room. no shame game.

Round Up: Chicago [to eat]

I just returned from a long weekend in Chicago, a place that afforded me my first interior design internship and sparked the desire that has gotten me to where I am today. One of Chicago’s most intriguing aspects, however, is that the very lake that you can see from almost any apartment building in the city, is the very lake I dip my toes into every summer, despite being in two different states. Here’s a round up of what I did while in Chicago and recommendations for future visits, starting with the most important aspect: what I ate.

Lincoln Park Whole Foods- sip wine as you shop the expansive space

Off to Chicago

I’m off to Chicago for the next three days to enjoy the view of lake michigan, eat some deep dish pizza, revisit the merchandise mart and see great friends.

Chicago’s one of my favorite cities so I’ll be sure to return with a full report.. ciao!

Kara Mann

I have had my eye on Kara Mann for a while now. Her taste is exquisite and well-edited. She adds a flavor of masculine femininity that makes her residences a perfect marriage between a man’s aesthetic and a woman’s.